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The versatility of asbestos meant that it was used in a wide range of construction materials and came in different colour and forms

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Asbestos is a banned construction material which was used from the 1950`s until fairly recently during the late 1990`s until being banned in 1999. it is a fibrous, naturally occurring solid which when disturbed can cause a huge amount of damage to our lungs if breathed in, especially repeatedly and over long period of time. The material can be a killer and is solely responsible for at least 20 deaths every week in the UK and is known to cause a variety of diseases.

The versatility of asbestos meant that it was used in a wide range of construction materials and came in different colour and forms. Asbestos had a great resistance to heat making it a great insulator, some of the most common uses were in insulation, loose fill asbestos was widely used in wall cavity insulation and is the most dangerous of all the asbestos forms.
Other material in which you might find asbestos are cement sheets, central heating boilers, ceiling tiles, non UPVC Soffit boards, wall cladding and even old fire blankets or heat resistant gloves.

If you have asbestos in your home there is no need for immediate panic, it is not dangerous if undisturbed but it is absolutely imperative that you do not attempt it unless you are a HSE-licensed contractor. If you have come across a material you are unsure of in your home you should consult a professional before proceeding as you could cause yourself long term health problems if you deal with the material incorrectly.



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