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Give your bathroom a new lease of life with a bathroom makeover

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Help with a bathroom makeover get hints, tips and decorating ideas to makeover your bathroom and make it look like new without breaking the bank. Choosing the right bathroom paint and color, install a walk-in shower, choose a tile paint to repaint the old tile without breaking everything, discover all our ideas to revamp a bathroom easily.

Replace or Paint Bathroom Tiles

A refresh of your bathrooms walls can give it a whole new lease of life, most bathroom walls are tiles because of their water proof attributes, but replacing tiles can be a daunting task. The first question that needs asking in a bathroom makeover is what condition are the wall tiles in, if they are chirped or loose than replacing is properly the best course of action, if the tiles are in good condition then you may have the option of painting them, when choosing the paint color it is important to consider the rest of the bathrooms décor. The selection of the type of paint is also important, and you must make sure that the paint is suitable for tiles, because of the tiles sheen as well as the constant moisture present in a bathroom most paints will fade and peel.

Change / Add Bathroom Fixtures and Accessories

Bathrooms have many accessories that can make a big different to the look of the room, from coordinated colour scheme for your towels and bathroom mats to the addition of a decorative bathroom mirror you may be surprised how these little changes can totally change the appearance of your room.

Replacement Bathroom Suit

One of the most costly ways to makeover your bathroom, but can totally change the feel and appearance of the room, this allows you to change the colour, style and design of your bathroom. When choosing your replacing your bathroom suit it is important to consider how the new bathroom suit will fit in with the rest of the rooms décor and what changes you will need to make. While considering changing bathroom suits why not consider the layout and see what additional cost would occur to change the layout or add extra facilities such as a walk in shower.

Get help with your bathroom makeover

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