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Beeking is an ideal hobby for anyone with a decent sized garden, help the environment and the bee, find bee hives for sale with Approved Trader

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Beekeeping is on the uplift in the UK, the bumble bee is of vital importance to the British countryside providing the important task of pollinating the beautiful flowers found in our gardens and the rural landscape of the UK countryside.

Cedar Bee Hive with Gabled Roof

Bee Hives For SaleAn entry level bee hive, delivered to your home, coming in a flat pack it is easily constructed, contains a brood box and 2 super boxes. Has summer and winter entrance block, also contains a queen excluder area. Made in cedar, is ideal for people new to bee keeping.


Insulated Plastic Bee Hive

Plastic Bee Hives For SaleFor the serious beekeeper, revolutionary insulation system keeping your bee colony warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Made from plastic is durable and low maintenance. Easily altered to allow multiple colonies and queens at any one time, the perfect bee hive for beginner up to the expert beekeeper


Bee Hive with Two Super Boxes

Bee Hives For SaleEasily constructed flat pack bee hive, made from cedar wood, includes slide out inspection tray two super boxes and one brood box.


From the first sunny days each year, its uphill race for the hive to sell. In an ideal setting, our hives with colony `s of year you expect from the end of May. When creating your bee hive it is vital to ensure that you respect the biological cycle of the bee. But to do this, theoretical knowledge is not enough. Taking into account effect of failure rates in the first year with beginners, great importance to the location of the hive. If you have read the many books on how to get started in beekeeping, you understand the pivotal role the bee fulfills and such a strong community.

For a first hive you will be need a budget of around £1200 to £2000 for the bee hive and starting colony, the price will vary depending on the options you choose. In reality it is not so expensive that for a hobby that will fascinate you for years to come!

Of course, you will definitely find cheaper colony `s, this is your choice, your decision.

Buy a hive: an eco-responsible act

A purchase of hives is not a decision taken lightly and that is why I highly recommend you start with 4 hives (2 at a bare minimum). This is not to sell more, but to increase the chances of success for the people who make this effort to invest in their new passion. For a beginner, I see a bad start in beekeeping without a minimum of practical training.

Hives come in a range of different options, the price of setting up your bee hive and bee colony will be quickly forgotten as your colony will naturally grow and you will be rewarded with beautiful fresh honey.

Plastic hives, offers the advantage of unquestionable reduced maintenance and reduced prophylaxis load. Winter is not a problem for the plastic wintered colony hive on the contrary. The only drawback of plastic hives is prolonged exposure to the scorching sun in summer when the heat distribution may be an issue. That said, we must recognize a good wooden hive exposed to direct sunlight under the same conditions, also forces the bees to ventilate.

Sales of populated Bee hives and Nature
Since Honey-Bee colony`s and nature products, we strongly recommend our customers now, acquire a minimum of hives. Indeed, we have observed that people who choose a minimum of 4 to 5 hives to create their first apiary get better results compared to people who take only one or two `s.

In beekeeping, it is essential to understand the farming method. A colony of the year cannot be over 10 frames in the spring because it needs time to develop. As breeders do not sell complete hives apart to sell overwintered hives, you must pass through the different stages of the colonies.

A colony almost needs a full season to grow in other words, do not count on them to produce honey in the first year. What matters is to drive until the end of the season to become a fully-fledged colony, which will be operational next year. I often take an example for beginners to understand that we must remove the mind a colony of the year will produce honey (or if it produces just so do not count on it):

If you plant fruit trees, you will not have fruit for a year or two years, often much more, depending on the age of your shrubs and fruit type. You will need to have the patience that they thrive in their new land, grow and produce ..

If you do not have the patience to the minimum or no time to spend with your colonies, so do not make take up beekeeping as a hobby.

In short: If you buy colony `s this year, you will reap honey next year and can even make "cuttings"!

About Reliability of dates made available:

Although dealers or importers of colony`s announce provision early start of the season but few take the time. What this will he be advanced? Even if you receive your colony in early April, its a safe bet that they are less import colonies whether colonies overwintered (but wintered in whom, where?). . Not only will you guarantee in import practices of non-endemic species, but think for a moment:

If you want to get started in beekeeping, you must first understand that you should not burn stages. What you will have served your eagerness if your bees do not survive their first winter? Would you by chance have sufficient skills and knowledge in beekeeping that will allow you to move faster than a seasoned beekeeper? Beware of deadlocks, they are unforgivable and doomed to failure. In the end, this will cost you much more expensive ... too expensive.

Take time to do things right:

If you took shortcuts for absolutely produce honey in the first year, your bees will pay the price, it`s a safe bet short term gains will hurt you and your colony in the long run.

In the UK, there are numerous professional breeders of bees, the choice is important, it is good practice to discuss the options with people who have been through the process themselves.

Before buying your colony of bees or your occupied beehives, have you been around the biotope which will benefit your bees? Can you define what your bees will they eat all year in a 3km radius around their site? Have you prepared the best location?

Creating bee garden