Calculating The Cost of Tiling a Room

Calculating The Cost of Tiling a Room                                                                                                       If you are considering tiling your bathroom, kitchen or other room then one of the important question you ask is how much will tiling a room cost. Approved Trader is here to help you calculate he cost of tiling your home, with our simple guide.

Cost of tiling a room will vary depending on a number of factors, including is the surface level, size of the room surface you are tiling, the price of tiles you select and whether you are going to carry out the tiling yourself or get a competitive tiler to carry out the work.

When completing our simple online enquiry form we are able to help you get a selection of low cost tiling quotes tailored to our individual needs and requirements.

How Big Is The Surface You Are Tiling

The first stage in getting your tiling price is measuring the surface area of the tiled area, it is important to consider fixtures and fittings such as baths, kitchen units or other fittings.

Is the surface flat

If you need to carry out work on the surface then you will need to level your surface, if you need to remove tiles or level the flooring / carry out a screed on the floor this can affect your cost.

Cost Of Tiles

Once you know your surface area, you are able to find the tiles that you want to use in your home. The cost of tiles can vary greatly from economy tiles to the luxury tile options, once you have selected the tile that you wish to use then calculate the amount of tiles you need to cover the surface area, please note you will need to consider fittings and partial tiles that will be cut down, if you are carrying the tiling yourself, i may be worth considering buying additional tiles just in case you damage or break any when you are fitting them.

Grout, Adhesive and Treatment

It is important to consider the amount of grout and adhesive you are going to be using, this is a hidden cost that many people may forget.

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