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With many people across the UK feeling the pinch and police forces all over the country stretched to breaking point perhaps now is the time to take the security of your home or business a little more seriously

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Find a local trader and receive competitive FREE quotes?

With many people across the UK feeling the pinch and police forces all over the country stretched to breaking point perhaps now is the time to take the security of your home or business a little more seriously, electric gates are a great deterrent for criminals and add a boost to the overall security of your property. Plus having a electric gate fitted means you donít have to get out of your car to open up when you get home and avoid getting wet in the rain.

When considering the fitting of electric gates, you have a wide variety of sizes, colours and styles available to you as well as a number of different materials. During the planning stage of your installation, these are important issues which must be discussed with the engineer before you go ahead, different materials and styles offer different levels of security as well as different levels of affordability.

Electric gates can be fitted to the top of your drive area to stop any unwelcome visitor accessing your property or at the front door of your property or even to limit access to side entrances. There are a number of technologies available to gain access through the gates, from a simple button press to a code access panel and even a call through system where someone in the building has to allow entrance through an access panel in the building.

When undertaking a job of this kind it is important to speak to a number of companies to get some different perspectives and ideas of how best to carry out the work. You also need to be sure the company you choose to go with is a reputable company with the relevant qualifications and registrations with right bodies. We can do all of this for you, all of our tradesmen are pre vetted and approved by our trade experts, we have checked all the references and workmanship of the companies and are satisfied that the four traders to which we match your job are the best people for the job, all you have to do is choose which one to go with.

Here at Approved Trader we can help you protect your property with an extensive range of electric gate solutions for both residential and commercial properties, when you use Approved Trader we will carry out a search for approved installers of electric gates in your area, all tradesmen within the Approved Trader network have been vetted and provided proof of a high quality level of service providing testimonials from past clients, giving you peace of mind that you will not be lumbered with a rogue trader. Another major advantage of using our free service is you will get quotes for the work from ĺ tradesmen this ensures you will not end up paying over the odds for your electric gate, as you will receive very competitive no obligation quotes.

The Approved Trader network of traders is vast with specialists in electric gates and home security throughout the UK, so whatever your location we feel confident of being able to get you a tradesmen who will give you a professional service as well as excellent value for money.

Electric Gate Openers

In todays world home security is becoming an ever increasing problem and adding a gate to your property can make a lot of sense making your home or business premises more secure, although we understand the inconvenience of having to get in and out your car every time you go home or go to work, an electric gate can be an excellent alternative allowing access via a sensor or by remote, modern electric gates are built with reliability in mind, constructed to withstand the challenges of British weather such as rain and high winds. In the unlikely event of a problem the gates have manual mechanisms while the problem is repaired.

Sliding Electric Gates

In many properties you don`t have enough room for a gate to open on the arch, with these properties a sliding gate may be the perfect solution, giving you the security required without taking up the addition space, Approved Trader can help you find tradesmen who offer all types of electric gates including electric sliding gates.

Wooden Electric Gates

Many people worry about the ascetics` of installing electric security gates, but they can actually enhance the look of your property with numerous different designs and opens available you can create an entrance that is in keeping with your property, a popular choice is to add electric wooden gates ideal for rural properties, such as country homes, farms and horse yards, these wooden gates can come in a wide range of options favourites being oak, pine and maple, gates for a farm or livery yard also has the added benefit of not only keeping unwanted visitors out but livestock in, if your horse, cow or sheep escape on to your yard they will be stopped getting onto the road if you have installed a gate at the entrance.

Electric Gates Prices

How much does adding an electric gate cost? Well this can depend on a number of factors, is it supply online or fitted, design, style size or material used, if you complete our simple online form you will receive a range of quotes and our tradesmen will be happy to find a solution to meet your needs, all quotes are free and you will be under no obligation to proceed, so enquire online and get the best prices for an electric gate.

Electric Driveway Gates - Have you got a gate at the end of your driveway that you need to get in and out your car every time you get home, electric gates may be the way forward, with automated gate openers on a sensor when your car pulls up or a remote for added security so only you are able to come in and out unannounced, contact us for a no obligation free quote.

Electric Gate Repair - Although modern electric gates are extremely reliable from time to time you may have a technical problem, approved trader also have an extensive list of tradesmen who will be able to get your gate back in full working order from electric gate motor replacement, to more serious issues all our tradesmen offer a low cost solution to any mechanical issue you may face.