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Approved Trader

Find a local trader and receive competitive FREE quotes?

Roof lights can be an important feature in your home allowing precious sunlight in to your room. The choice of company to fit your roof light is crucial giving you peace of mind while the work is being carried out. Approved Trader can help you in your search for a company to add a roof light in to your home, all companies that have been through our process have been checked to ensure they give a high level of service, have the appropriate credentials and insurance as well as offering affordable pricings.

Companies listed with approved trader offer the whole range of roof lights including pyramid roof lights, flat roof lights and lantern roof lights, whatever your preference one of our approved companies will be more than happy to provide a no obligation free quote.

New windows for your roof: more light, air and living quality

If you are wanting to replace your old roof light? Or transform your loft into a living space? Or even build a new house? Then the addition of a roof light may be a great idea, Approved Trader can help you compare the different options available and pick the best match for your property.

Lantern Roof Lights

A type of roof light that will give your room an additional feeling of space, a lantern sky light protrudes upwards from the ceiling and roof. Lantern roof lights can give any type of property a stylish completion.

Flat Roof Lights

A simple roof light, flat sky lights give you the natural sun light at an affordable rate. Ideal for loft windows they are easily installed in sloping roofs and loft conversions.

Material Options For Roof Lights

When looking at adding a sky light you are given a number of material options to choose from the most popular choice of material is UPVC, this light weight yet strong material is weather resistant and will last for many years, UPVC is available in a number of different finishes, the most common is white although you are also able to get UPVC in a whole array of other colour choices. As well as multiple colour options UPVC can also come in a timber finish and a metal finish. An alternative choice to UPVC is the natural material of wood, coming in a whole host of timbers from the traditional oak to the soft woods such as pine your are given a wide selection to choice from. Modern wooden sky lights are much more long standing than their predecessorsí, with treatments carried out on the timber they are able to last for many, many years after they have been fitted, The third choice is aluminium, ideal for commercial properties aluminium is also light weight yet strong, aluminium also has a big environmental bonus of being easily recycled.

If you are a company offering roof lights and are wishing to become an approved trader then email us at and we can start you through the approval process.