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Approved Trader has a selection of garage doors that matches your expectations and your needs (different types of opening mechanisms, materials, insulating capacity, features, engines, finishes, colours ...).

How To Choose Your Garage Door?

Choosing a garage door should be primarily dictated by the quality, safety and ease of use. Operated several times a day, the operation of the garage door must meet criteria with proven reliability while ensuring optimal safety.

Designed for new or renovated homes we have garage door systems adapt to all configurations and offer uncompromising quality ... to last very long time.

Overhead Garage Doors
Proven long time favourite door type for garages, the overhead door opens outwards before to be placed under the ceiling of your garage. Coming with a wide variety of patterns and designs coming in different materials from steel to wooden garage doors that gives you the freedom in the development of your home’s exterior.

Sectional Garage Doors
This elegant and modern sectional door opens vertically upwards. This saves space in front of and in the garage - a decisive advantage.

Side Sectional Garage Door
Full height passage and easy access. Reliable and efficient drive system or manually operated door

Rolling Garage Doors
A rolling garage door allows space savings, both in front of the garage. To park, you can place right outside the door, while the ceiling space in the garage is free. Rise from the console, the operator is extremely easy to maintain. Starting and stopping the door rolling doors are particularly light and silent, thus keeping the door. In addition, the push-button and garage illumination are already integrated in the control box.

Approved Traders offers a wide range of garage doors steel, aluminum or wood, with doors to suit all types of property from a period Victorian home through to an ultra modern designed property, with a wide choice of finishes, surfaces, designs, colours and glazing.

Wooden Garage Doors

The complete range of wooden garage doors meet all your requirements, both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Timber garage doors have the advantage of integrating into any landscaping. With the choice of many different types of timber from oak, mahogany or pine at well as many other alternatives. With wooden doors rustic design brings a timeless charm to your home, yard or driveway, these wooden doors provide optimum protection from the weather, and are designed to have a long life. You can opt for a plain timber, which is treated with a water repellent and preferably several layers of glaze. One can also choose a wooden door treaty to avoid having to do it yourself treatment. With Approved Trader, you find our entire selection of wooden garages, with many surfaces and styles to choose from.

Garages provide the perfect solution to protect your vehicle from the elements? Most garages are designed to accommodate a car, but there are also two parking garages; other models also offer additional storage space.

Here at Approved Trader you will find the best deals for garage doors at the best price, and shop in a few clicks. You will find all the best brands and can choose from many models depending on the size and preferred style. Our doors have the advantage of being resistant, durable, and be in harmony with your home’s exterior. Whether you need a simple door for a single car garage, or a door for larger garage that can hold several vehicles, We have everything that you need to know. Shop By internet safely, and receive quotes from approved garage door suppliers and fitters who will be able to help you with your order.

Price of a electric garage door opener and installation

What is the price of a electric garage door ? How to install the electric garage door ? These are questions asked both those home owners looking at replacing their current garage door wanting to add convenience to their home, to improve your everyday comfort, the installation of an automated garage door is an excellent solution. But how much is the purchase and installation of an automated parking gate ? The amount you will need to budget will depend on the garage door material (PVC, aluminum, steel, timber etc.), but also the type of opening system (sectional, winding, etc.) and the level range the garage door. Discover all our advice on the purchase and installation of a electric garage door here at Approved Trader.

Benefits of an automated garage door
Many homeowners are tempted to equip their homes with a garage door with remote opening via a remote control. Install an automated garage door has many advantages that will greatly improve your living comfort. Indeed, while conventional garage doors are difficult to handle because of their weight, electric doors, in turn, will open and close with a remote control , without you having to get off your car.

In addition, automated garage doors can limit the risk of accidents due to the use of new technologies that detect the presence of an object in the opening and closing field, leading to discontinuation of the mechanism of garage door. Weakness of the house in case of intrusion attempt, the garage door is usually a prime target for burglars. But when it is automated, the garage door locks automatically as soon as it is fully closed and becomes difficult to raise, even for the most seasoned criminals. Some might be wary of "fully automatic" but even in case of power failure, it remains entirely possible to open and close manually. Indeed, all the electric garage door opener are equipped to be opened manually as well as being automated.

Price of electric garage doors
The price of electric garage door depends on several criteria: the material chosen, the type of openness but also in its range. We give you an average tariff of different garage door electric models , poses not included:

The wooden garage doors opening sectional are available from £500.

For a steel garage door opening sectional, count between €£300 and £ 4,000, depending on the model.

The aluminum garage doors are available with a winding opening system: it takes between £500 and £4500 garage door,

For PVC garage door opening sectional, it takes between £250 and £1,000.

When you purchase, it is important to study in detail the information and features of the garage door. Indeed, it must meet security requirements that will limit the risk of accidents (trapped, crushed, etc.). We also advise you to ensure that the door model has the relevant guarantees ensuring the quality and reliability of your equipment.

Garage door installation electric
To install your electric garage door , we recommend you to call in a professional, here at Approved Trader we have expert garage door fitters located all over the UK. Obviously, the cost of installation will be included in your budget work but a electric garage door properly installed will prevent any expenses related to repairing your improperly installed equipment.

A professional will help you quickly identify the type of garage door for your needs but also your budget. It will then take to take measures and to offer you a garage door perfectly adapted to the dimensions of your garage. It will direct you to a customized solution if required. You can then entrust the installation of the electric garage door .

Electric garage door opener quote
Whether for the installation of an automated sectional garage door or to power a motorisable manual garage door, you can get quotes here at Approved Trader. One simple form and you will be contacted by professional installers in your vicinity who will offer you personalized rate for your project electric garage opening system.