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Comfortable outdoor seating offers both practical functionality for relaxation in your garden as well as an attractive decorative element to your garden space. The choice of garden seating comes in a variety of different design options and seating types. From garden benches to garden chairs, material options include wrought iron seats, but one of the most popular choices of material is wood.

Garden seating can also be used to help beautify your outside space, in combination with your garden landscape design.

Get more out of your garden with seating that combine seating along with storage, turning it both comfortable as well as being practical and stylish. Provide seating and storage space and look forward to the next garden party.

Wooden Garden Bench

A popular choice for the garden creating a seating area that allows you to relax and enjoy your outside space. Using the natural material of wood helps your seat blend in with your gardens design without adversely affecting the beautiful scene you are trying to create.

Garden Swing Seat

A swing seat in your garden can be the perfect way to chill and relax during the British summer days, creating a feeling of weightlessness these seats create ultimate comfort when sitting in your garden. Available in a number of design options for swing chairs for the garden, you have numerous choices to complement any garden landscape.

Stone Garden Seating

Another natural the material, stone can be a great choice for seats in your garden adding gravitas to your outdoor space, stone as a material naturally conduct the heat of the sun giving you a warm seating area in the hot summer days, however in the cold crisp winter stone seating can be cold and may benefit from a cushion.

Garden Love Seat

For those romantic couples these combined seats give a place for you and your partner to sit and enjoy the garden together. With the addition of a side area between the two seats, this is both practical and romantic.

Wicker Garden Chairs

Wicker is a choice of material ideally suited to the garden as well as conservatories. Giving the natural look of timber, wicker is often considered more comfortable choice for chairs and seats.

Creating a Garden Seating Areas

When creating a seating area for your garden it is important to consider a number of factors, these include what is in the surrounding space, the position of the sun, any shaded area from the sun as well as having natural wind breaks. The view is also an important factor when placing your seats, you don`t want to create a sitting area that you will not want to use. As well as the visual aspects of the positioning of seats you may also wish to consider other senses, such as smell as well as sound you donít want your seats positioned in a place that has unpleasant smells or loud surround sound. If you have a water feature placing seats next to it may be a perfect position giving you the soothing sounds of running water.

If you are looking for help choosing the best seats for your garden or looking for expert advice on integrating the garden seating area in to the overall design of your garden landscape, then approved trader can help, with lots of ideas, designs and pictures of gardens on the site to draw inspiration we also give you access to experienced garden landscapers local to you who will be able to come and help, complete our simple online form and we can help you find a gardener local to you.

If you are a manufacturer or supplier of garden seats please email us at, we are always looking for products to review as well as potential high quality products that we can introduce to the visitors of approved trader.