How to measure curtains

How to measure curtains                                                                                                                     Ensuring your curtains are correctly fitted to your windows is very important, ill-fitting curtains not only look bad but if to small can also impact on your homes energy efficiency as well as allowing sunlight into your room.

Here at Approved Trader we are here to help you, giving tips and advice on measuring the height and width of your curtains for your homes windows, ensuring your have the best curtains to dress your window.

Measuring the height of your windows for your curtains

To calculate what length of curtains you need, measure the total height, that is to say, the measurement from the top of the rod to the ground, if you donít want the curtains to touch the ground you can remove 2 cm. Many people think that with a curtain falling to the ground effect is very elegant and accentuates the ceiling height of your room. The curtain rods are usually placed 10-15 cm above the window frame, so you need to add 10-15 inches to your length measurement for the final height of the curtains.

Measuring the width of your curtains

For the width of your curtain you must measure the distance from one end to the other of the rod to cover the entire window, you must ensure your curtains cover the whole width, generally, it is recommended to surpass the curtain 15 to 30 cm on each side, which increases as the width of fabric to consider.

Get professional help and advice

There are interior design specialist who are able to measure and fit the curtains of your choice, offering a full service ensuring that your windows have those exquisite finishing touches, you can sometimes find having youíre your windows professionally fitted can actually save you money, interior designers often buy a great number of curtains enabling them to purchase them at lower rates, why don`t you see what it would cost by completing our simple online enquiry form, you will receive free quotes that you will be able to benchmark against doing it yourself.

Window Blinds

If you are considering buying new curtains for your homes windows then you could also consider blinds, blinds are a popular alternative for curtains and can give you a great look and feel for your homes windows.

Curtains and Blinds For Your Conservatory

As well as windows, your conservatory may also require blinds or curtains, adding curtains or blinds to your conservatories can help you save costs on your energy bills, reducing the amount of heat lost through the glass in your conservatory

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