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Many of us would love a snooker or pool table in our home, a snooker table can be an excellent addition giving you an excellent place to relax playing snooker on your as well as giving people lots of fun as an activity when people comes round.

Using an existing room

If you have a spare room you are easily able to transform it into a recreational snooker room, a full size snooker table is 12' x 6' meaning the room size needs to be around 22' x 16'. If your room is not big enough for a full size snooker table there are smaller options down to 6' x 3'.

Adding an extension

If your home is not big enough then you may consider extending your property. There are a number of options on how you extend your property, from a standard brick extension to a conservatories and orangeries Approved Trader can help you find a local tradesmen who will be able create a tailored extension to be used as a snooker room.

Garage / Loft Conversion

An alternative option for extending your property is converting some unused space in your home. Many homes have an garage or a loft that becomes a dumping ground for all your junk, instead these spaces being wasted and unused, a conversion can transform your loft space or garage into a snooker and activity room. Find professional tradesmen who will be able to work with you converting your garage or loft into a snooker / pool room.

Duel Purpose Snooker / Dining Room

If you don’t have enough room and extending your property is unfeasible then why not consider purchasing a snooker table that converts into a dining table, this is the ideal choice for any diner party.

When looking at setting up a snooker room it is vital that the size of the table is suitable for room size.

As well as a snooker table there are a number of other accessories required for the perfect snooker room, these include a score board as well as racks for your snooker cues.

Fitted Snooker Table

Installing a snooker table can be a big task, here at approved trader we have a number of tradesmen with snooker tables for sale who will install and fit your new table into your snooker room.