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Top 20 Christmas Movies

We all love to get together with our families over the Christmas period to eat drink and be merry, but once the feasting is done we invariably sit together and watch a festive movie. Everyone has their favourite including us, we have ranked our top 20 see where your favourite is in our list.

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We all love to get together with our families over the Christmas period to eat drink and be merry, but once the feasting is done we invariably sit together and watch a festive movie. Everyone has their favourite including us, we have ranked our top 20 see where your favourite is in our list.

Bad Santa

1. Bad Santa

A somewhat anti-Christmas movie, this gem starring Billy Bob Thornton as a mall Santa con-man and the late Bernie Mac as the security manager is not everybodyís idea of a Christmas favourite but this bitter tale leaves a sweet taste in your mouth. When the scoundrel crosses path with a young outcast paths both of their live take a turn for the better.

If you havenít seen this movie then itís defiantly worth checking out, donít expect too much Christmas cheer but thereís plenty of laughs along the way, not one for the kids.
Home Alone

2. Home Alone

Who hasnít seen home alone? This comedy Christmas tale was the movie which launched the career of MaCaulay Culkin as an imaginative young kid who is left at home while the whole family go on Christmas vacation. Two bungling burglars attempt to rob the house and chaos and hilarity ensues as the criminals played by Joe Pesci in one of his non gangster roles and Daniel Stern pit their wits against the child genius.

Quite what the parents were thinking we donít know, you would expect child services would have been contacted but no, the negligent parents make an all too similar mistake not 2 years later resulting in a sequel.
Fred Claus

3. Fred Claus

Did you know that Santa has a brother who goes by the name of Fred Clause? Living in the shadow of his saintly younger brother Nick slowly turns Fred into a bitter and jealous man. In need of money, Fred turns to his brother for help who accepts on the terms that Fred comes to visit so they can reconcile their differences.

Many will be surprised to find this film so high on our list but we think this movie really is one of the all-time best Christmas movies, it has comedy and sentment and the classic bad guy turns good story.

4. Elf

In this modern day Christmas Classic Will Ferrell stars as Buddy, a confused man size elf raised in the North Pole who canít seem to fit in. When his adopted father confesses the truth about his past, Buddy is compelled to search out his true identity in the wide world.

Buddyís positivity and childlike nature are infectious and make this the perfect family movie.
Santa Claus dudley moore

5. Santa Claus (Dudley Moore)

Donít believe in Santa Claus? You will after youíve watch this 1985 classic starring Dudley Moore who plays the character of Patch the head elf who forms a partnership with an evil toy maker intent on ruining Christmas.

This charming tale tells Santaís origin story and is full of festive charm, a classic that is worth re-visiting with the new generation.

6. Scrooged

This modern twist on a classic Christmas story sees Bill Murray star play the Scrooge character in ad adaptation of Dickensí Christmas Carol. Frank Cross is a cynical US TV station bigwig planning a big show when he is visited by thee ghostsÖ and you know the rest.

Great Christmas entertainment for the family but there are a few pg moments, the ghost of Christmas future is particularly chilling.
Miracle on 34th Street

7. Miracle on 34th Street

This heartfelt Christmas story stars Richard Attenborough as the Beloved Kris Kringle. A 6 year old girl has doubts about the existence of Santa Claus until she meets a department store Santa who makes her believe again.

This one is a little soppy to make it into our top 5 but is one the kids will love.
Muppets Christmas Carol

8. Muppets Christmas Carol

The longevity of The Muppets is testament to their popularity, it seems strange to think that the loveable puppets released this film over 20 years ago. Another Christmas Carol adaptation sees Michael Caine star as scrooge opposite Kermit the Frogís Bob Cratchet.

The Muppets have a timeless quality and have been a part of all of our childhoods since their creation in 1955 by Jim Henson and have released 8 feature length movies between 1979 and 2014, they are unlucky not to be higher on our list!

9. Snowman

This touching 1982 animated short film classic is wordless but for the ĎWalking in the Airí soundtrack, it tells the story of a boy who makes a snowman on Christmas eve which comes to life and takes him on a trip to meet Santa.

Though this movie is only 25 minutes long its instantly recognisable animation and iconic status propel it into our top ten.
The Santa Clause

10. The Santa Clause (Tim Allen)

In this 1994 festive story Tim Allen Stars as Divorcee Scott Calvin, when Santa Is involved in an accident at Calvinís home he take on the mantle of the jolly old soul and begins to transform into the image of the Santa we know and love.

This is a great, wholesome, funny movie that both grown-ups and children can enjoy, Allen plays the part to perfection and this film deserves its place in our list.
How The Grinch Stole Christmas

11. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Jim Carrey in unrecognisable as the nasty Grinch such is the level of the prosthetic transformation, but he plays the part of this revolting character wholeheartedly. The people pf Whoville, The Grinchís neighbours love Christmas and all its jovialities but he is determined to ruin the festivities for everyone.
Jingle All The Way

12. Jingle All The Way

Do you remember the Christmas movie with Arnie in? Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as the father determined to get his son the popular toy of the year, a Turbo Man action toy for Christmas to make up for his misgivings as a father. As any parent will tell you it is no easy task to find this yearís toy at last minute and when every store is sold out and hilarity ensues in one of Arnieís forgettable min-nineties comedy attempts

13. Gremlins

When Randall Peltzer talks a mysterious old man to sell him a Mogwai, he is warned not to violate any of three simple rules, no food after midnight, no water and no bright light. When the rules are broken Mogwai start to sprout little green monsters who tear the place up and create lots of general hijinks.

Great entertainment for the family though the Gremlins may be a little scary for the little ones.
National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

14. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

The Griswoldís return in National Lampoons Christmas vacation, Chevy Chase leads the cast as Clark, his wife Ellen and their two kids head from one disaster to another. We can all sympathise with the hapless family as things go from bad to worse, everything that could go wrong does go wrong as they try to spend a happy holiday together.
Die Hard

15. Die Hard

Die Hard is surely one of the greatest movies all time and belong much higher on a list of movies including Jingle All The Way but there was some discussion as to whether this it can actually pass as a Christmas movie. With Bruce Willis in his prime and more action that you can shake a candy cane at, this classic just makes it into our top 20.
Trading Places

16. Trading Places

1980ís heavyweights Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd star in this fast paced comedy about a high flying businessman and a low life hustler who end up swapping places on the whim of 2 powerful but callous millionaires.

This is another which may not quite fit into the Christmas movie brief, but itís a brilliant movie and does have a festive messageÖ sort of.
Jack Frost

17. Jack Frost

Michael Keaton stars as a Jack Frost, a singer who is always out on the road and is unable to spend quality time with his son. When he is tragically killed in a car accident just before Christmas he is given the opportunity to say his goodbyes through incarnation as a snowman, but what happens when the temperature goes up?
A Christmas Carol

18. A Christmas Carol (Patrick Stewart)

Another Dickensí Adaptation Makes it onto our list, this time Patrick Stewartís plays arguably the meanest incarnation of the famous character Scrooge opposite Richard E Grantís Bob Cratchet and it is the performances of these actors at the top of their games that wins the plaudits.
The Nightmare Before Christmas

19. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington, king of Halloweentown is bored of the same old Halloween routine, but when he discovers Christmas Town quite by accident he is quite taken with the place. Jack tries to incorporate Christmas into his town but the townspeople consisting of ghost, goblins and ghouls struggle to adapt.

Tim Burtonís beautiful Christmas/Haloween crossover is visually stunning and suitable for the whole family.
Its a wonderful Life

20. Itís a wonderful Life

In this all-time classic from way back in 1946 squeezes into the top 20 for the nostalgia value, modern filming techniques have really aged this classic but the story of how an angel helps a depressed businessman find his true worth is one which has delighted generations since its post 2nd world war release.