How Much Does It Cost To Build a House

How Much Does It Cost To Build a House                                                                                                      It is everyone’s dream to build your own home but what is the true cost of building a house from beginning to end, when carrying out the construction of a home you have many factors to consider from start to finish, from ensuring that your property is designed, planning permission is granted, house is built from the foundation up, then your home must then be finished electrics installed, carpentry for built in features, fitters for the flooring (carpets, tiles, vinyl, laminate).Once your home is built you will require to get your building regulations granted, once completed you will need to carry out the interior design and find the furniture, curtains and other fittings.

Advantages Self Build Houses

House BuildingFor many people your home is the largest investment you will make, so surely you want to have a house that is tailored to exactly what you need, from building a traditional home design using features from architecture from Britain`s great design eras such as Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian and other periods of design, alternatively you could create an ultra modern property breaking boundaries for the future. This is in stark contrast to the new homes being built which are all very similar in design and some may say less than inspirational.

When carrying out a self build house you will be able to create a house that is completely tailored to your needs, requirements and desires, you will also be able to create a home without skimping, making your house energy efficient and green, you will also avoid those problems of an older property, structure difficulties, damp problems, or bad interior design, but it is important to note a new property can also often have teething problems when you first move in.

Project Managing Your Self Build

Building a property from start to finish can be a complex task, with many possible obstacles in your way, when building your home your planning is very important you must consider all steps and ensure you have a good understanding of the rules and regulations and ensure you have excellent drawing, get quotes from multiple tradesmen for each aspects and ensure you use trained professionals for your building project, if in doubt it may be recommended to take on a project manager who can control the project, building your own home can be labour intensive and can quickly run in to problems, once you have specked out the different phases of the project and got quotes, you also need to ensure you have redundancy plans in place along with extra funds in case of an emergency.

Finance For Self Build Properties - When you are building your home you need to make sure you have the finance in place along with a contingency fund in case your build runs into difficulty’s, getting a mortgage for a self build can be more difficult and often more expensive, is often cheaper if you have a property you can refinance, but it is always recommended to get qualified advice from a mortgage advisor who will be able to give you qualified advice.

Finding a Plot & Getting Planning Permission

.When looking for a place to build your home location is key, if you have a plot of land already then your first step is to get architect drawing and get planning permission, many architects are experts in planning permission and can guide you during the design stage what the local planning authority is likely to accept, if you haven’t already got the land then you must start your search, if the land hasn’t already got planning permission then you should be able to purchase it significantly cheaper, but remember being granted planning permission isn`t a sure thing and will itself have costs involved in it, many area’s of the UK countryside are in belts called green or brown belt which have restrictions on building properties, if there are already structures in place (outbuildings, old home, barns) this may help during the planning permission stage, although they may also mean you having restrictions to keep the new property in keeping with the original buildings, it may also be recommend to get expert advice before buying a property.

Building A House

Once the design and planning stages of the build process have been completed then you can start the construction, from the foundations up, the great part of carrying out the new build is you will be able to undertake a top notch job which many commercial home builders skip, this can be more costly initially but could save you money in the future using high quality materials that may last longer and be durable, as well as ensuring your home is well insulated that will reduce your heating bills.

Electrics & Fittings

Once you have carried out the structural work of building your property, you then need carry out the internal work on your home, wiring your homes electrics, fitting doors and windows, fitting bathrooms and kitchens with the plumbing, Approved Trader can help you find tradesmen who can carry out a great service at a low cost, you will also need to get your homes building regulations approved.

Interior Design & Decorating

Your homes interior is the final touches of off your dream home, turning your house into a home, from finding high quality carpets and flooring, along with painting, wallpaper as well as furniture, approved trader can help you find interior design experts who will be able to create a custom look and feel for your home,

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