Immersion Heater

Immersion Heater                                                                                                                            Why have an immersion heater? Using an immersion heater in your home can help you heat your water tank quickly, Approved Trader is the one stop shop explaining the benefits and advantages of the using an immersion heater as well as helping you find professional plumber able to replace, repair or fit a new immersion heater for your home water heating system.

Immersion Heater Timer

Fitting a timer to your immersion heater can help you manage your heating giving you hot water at set times of the day, ensure you have hot water first thing in the morning or when you get back from work without wasting energy keeping the immersion heater on all day.

How does an immersion heater work

An immersion heater works like a large kettle for your home, your water tank has a heating element that heats the water in the tank, as the hot water is used, cold water is heated, the cold water sinks while the hot water rises allowing you to have hot water even as the tank is depleted.

Some immersion heater actually have multiple elements, one at the bottom and one at the top, these types of immersion heaters are considered to be more efficient as the top element can heat the top of the tank quickly.

Immersion Heater Not Working

If you are having problems with your immersion heater then Approved Trader can help you find a tradesmen who will be able to repair your immersion heater. The most common problems with your immersion heater is your is having a fault with your thermostat or a problem with your heating element.

Changing your heating element yourself

Many immersion heater have many heating elements over time, but replacing them is not that difficult or costly.

Turn off the power to your immersion heater and access the thermostat and heating element, ensure the electrics is off, ensuring you are safe from electrocution

Test the element to see that the element hasn`t been burned out, use a tester on the element to see if it is not working.

Drain the water tank, then remove the element by unscrewing it. And then install the new heating element into the immersion heater.

Immersion heater cost to run

When looking at installing an immersion heater you should consider the running costs of an immersion heater, This will vary greatly how you use the immersion heater, to heat your water tank from cold will cost around 30p per second, but once the tank is fully heated the immersion heater will reduce greatly and keep the temperature up, unfortunately no matter how well your water tank is insulated the water will cool down and the immersion heater will turn itself back on.

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