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The kitchen island: the big trend of the moment! - If you have the chance to own a kitchen open to the living room, you may be asking the question or not to install a central island in the room. This is not surprising, because this facility is really very trendy in recent years. In this article, we propose to take a look at the kitchen island, to help you decide if your kitchen is suitable for a central island:

What are the advantages of a kitchen island?

The isle optimises the cooking area: it is possible to integrate it with storage space, a hob or a sink. If you feel the need, you can create surface space for meal preparation with the island: a few stools and a table bar and voila!

But the great advantage of the island is that it is user friendly. Indeed, when you have guests, you can continue to talk to them when cooking, so they are in a sitting area.

In which cases should you avoid installing an island in the kitchen?

If your kitchen is small, it is best to avoid the block that may clutter the space. Instead, you can instead integrate a small bar table with stools: an ideal compromise your kitchens set up.

If your kitchen is closed, the island can take place in the center of the kitchen, but beware: in this case, your room should be large. Otherwise, you may end up with a big problem: a cluttered room where it is difficult to get around in the kitchen.

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Kitchen: 3 questions to ask before creating an island

The kitchen isle is a worthy successor to the table that stood in the middle of the kitchen, it helps increase the amount of storage space available, it helps create a rallying point for family and guests who love to chat over a drink ... Before you decide if you should install a kitchen islane there are three key issues to address.

The right dimensions.
The kitchen is a place where one needs comfort. This requires that the island contributes to the ergonomics of the place otherwise it will be against productive. 1.20 meters around the island that is the minimum to travel without jostling, to open the drawers, the door of the machine Dishwashing ... 1m may be enough if you cook solo and the machine dishwashing is not just behind. The place of the footprint used for valuable storage space, generous and practical sliding and why not a drawer refrigerator. A well-designed island allows all variations in length, L, rounded, all sizes and all formulas: central, counter peninsula.

What do you expect?
A preparation space. Easiest to install: no plumbing, just an electrical connection. Think of the retractable strip that comes out when you need it and then disappears in the plan.

1.20 m wide below allows to develop a large storage volume with accessible storage on both sides. Living room side, they can be opened or closed according to your desires Deco.

Less wide, it can accommodate shallow cupboards, shelves, niches, a bottle rack ... A dining area with stools. There must be 20-25 cm minimum to pass the knees. The solution: either a deeper level as furniture, a desk extension. A real space to cook. It should be large enough to include white goods appliances. For cooking area, provide the power supply to the plate and installing a hood above. Below, one or more sliding deep drawers allow you to have all your handy utensils. To integrate the sink, you will be dependent upon water evacuations. It has to be expected.

Which style? The beautiful harmony with the stay.

100% functional side kitchen and saw 100% aesthetic of the stay, it is the challenge! Materials and quality finishes are required. Materials and colors, rich proposals ... You can be creative! Plan your island does not have to be identical to other kitchen plans. Today there are very beautiful materials resistant and easy to clean, but also very original and high decorative power. For facades too, dare contrast. Trends. Side facades, wood is always present with hyper gross salaries, brushed, worn and very contemporary lines. The trend is also in matt colors, glossy and effects of materials. For plans, among musts: hyper-realistic effect concrete, and even matt black matt white with anti fingerprints treatment!