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Hot tubs top the charts for romantic home improvements

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With valentine`s day approaching we have had a look at what people consider the best property improvements a couple can make to create a romantic feel to their home, from the people polled hot tubs was top of the picks scoring 21% of the vote with many people dreaming of a romantic evening sharing a hot tub with their loved one. Remember though to stay safe if drinking Champaign in the hot tub is advisable to use plastic glasses in case of an accident.

Second in the poll with 17% was lighting control giving you the ability to dim the lights creating that romantic ambiance. Although the addition of dimmer lights is the ideal way of giving you the ultimate control of your home lighting, there are alternative options available including adding a carefully placed lamp or well positioned candles to create the perfect environment for love.

With 16% in third place is a large bath that you can share, perhaps one with the twps. In the middle so nobody ha to have them in their back. Just add some bubble bath, candles and some relaxing music you can create the perfect recipe for love.

In fourth place With 15% of the responses is a sofa to cuddle up on, with corner sofa`s and cuddle sofa`s there is a growing number of sofa designs coming out to cater for those of us who love to snuggle.

An open fire is in number 5 with 12%, lounging by the fire can create a romantic atmosphere to sit and enjoy a glass of wine with your partner. If you don`t have a fireplace then you may be able to get an electric fire that give the look of an open fire as an alternative option.

6th spot is a sensual shower with 8% of the vote, obviously the idea of a shared shower is the height of intimacy but a luxury shower yourself can help you set the mood for love.

Many of us sit down with our partner to watch a mushy film to help set the mood for love, and 7% of us think sitting down and watching the romantic flick with a state of the art home entertainment system is the way to enjoy an evening with a loved one.

In the final spot is a surround sound system with 4%, listening to romantic music in your living room, bathroom or bedroom can set the romantic scene.

Having trawled the results, the team couldn`t help but notice a distinct pattern based on gender indicating than men and women have a different opinion on romance. The men we asked showed a noticeable preference for the sensual shower and particularly the sound system and home cinema options while most of the votes for lighting and open fires came from ladies.

*Approved Trader questioned a nationally representative sample of 2,000 adults aged 18 and over.